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Childhood“, everyone always goes through their childhood. The rich, the poor, the good, the bad, the criminals, the innocent, and the civilians all can not develop without their childhood. Hence, I think everyone should do something to support the future of children who will become adults or elders, whereas  the adults and elders are the present of the country.

Some people help children by taking care of them at home, educating them at school, providing them with study materials or giving some money to them. However, some people do not respect the rights of children, but they get involved in child trafficking, child sexual/physical exploitation and other child abuses. To be a small part of assistance to the Royal Government of Cambodia in realising the children’s rights (survival, protection, development, participation), SCADP has formed four strategic goals: Education, Health, Family Environment, and Community Livelihoods.

The General Information you are reading only shows some experiences of SCADP helping children through youth and community development. Beside the experience-sharing, I look forward to any constructive/critic ideas in the purposes of promoting child and human rights in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh City, 14January 2010, On behalf of SCADP

Ms. Yim Sokhary

Executive Director/Founder

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